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Get More Business from Happy, Loyal Customers with Our Fresh Filter Delivery Program

Too often, homeowners interact with their HVAC contractors only when something breaks and they’re already in a bad mood. FreshFilterConnect changes that by delivering professional-grade air filters right to their door—in your name, on your schedule, at your prices, and all fully automated by our systems. FreshFilterConnect helps you build customer loyalty every time we deliver filters for you, so when they decide to pick up the phone to fix an HVAC issue, your business will be the only one they want to call.

Happier Customers and Increased Revenue without Lifting a Finger

The FreshFilterConnect program sends your customers filters every 30, 60, or 90 days on your behalf. No need to order or stock filters or worry about losing or damaging existing inventory.

  • Promote your business: Every filter delivery includes an insert with your logo and any seasonal promotions or service reminders you want us to add on your behalf.
  • Build a reputation for quality: Each filter is a professional-grade MERV10 air filter from Glasfloss, which ensures that your customers breathe the highest quality air.
  • Simplify filter fulfillment: We buy, stock, and deliver everything on your behalf. Never again will you have to worry about losing inventory or having a technician show up with the wrong filter.
  • Become “their” HVAC company: With multiple opportunities to advertise each year, you’ll box out your competition and position your company as “their helpful HVAC provider.”

Better Business Promotion and Filter Fulfillment Without the Headaches

The FreshFilterConnect program runs on our TriTech CRM platform. From one centralized portal, you can:

  • Automatically send out fresh, high-quality air filters every 30, 60, or 90 days (you pick the time frame)
  • Set your own customized filter pricing to turn a profit on filter delivery
  • Add HVAC-focused promotional materials, created by us and customized to your needs, in each box (or you can upload your own)
  • Upload your logo to market and brand your company
  • Have us automatically bill your customers on your behalf
  • Keep track of customers with full contact details and filter preferences
  • View orders and track subscription trends over time

Why Your Customers Will Love the Program

FreshFilterConnect uses high-quality MERV 10 filters from Glasfloss, which ensures that your customers can extend the life of their equipment and, most importantly, enjoy fresh, breathable air, regardless of the weather. The deliveries also remind homeowners to periodically change their filters, and ensure that they don’t forget to do so. And since your brand (and promotions) will come with every box, your company will be the one they think of when they need to have work done.

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