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Marketing and growing your HVAC business can be a hassle.

Every moment you spend on back-and-forth with your designers or marketing agencies is time you can’t spend running your business (and providing great service). TriTech Connect (TTC) takes the headaches out of growing your business. We help you organize your customer base, send marketing emails and ads created and customized for you, and deliver filters to homeowners without having to lift a finger.

The result? You stay in front of your customers year-round, which ensures that your business is the only HVAC business they’ll call.

What the TriTech Connect Platform Can Do for You

  • Strengthen your customer relationships with our done-for-you filter fulfillment service that includes your own advertisement or promotional brochure in each box (pretty much guaranteeing that customers will see your ads). You won’t have to purchase inventory or stock any filters—we handle all the logistics on your behalf.
  • Promote your business with minimal strain using our automated email marketing service, which sends emails that have been created by HVAC sales professionals on your behalf.
  • Reduce time spent invoicing with our secure, recurring billing service for your filter program or maintenance subscriptions.
  • Move your customers along the sales cycle with lead management and tracking.
  • Locate new revenue opportunities with a customized analytics dashboard that provides insight into leads, filter customers, service contracts, support requests, and recurring billing trends.
  • Give your customers an easy way to request services using your own customer dashboard. It will include your branding and logo, which will keep your business top-of-mind whenever customers log in.
  • Organize all your customer data in one place, allowing you to keep track of important information like names, addresses, filter preferences, service contracts, orders, among other important information.

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